Financial FAQ

How much does it cost?

•   A full listing of fees and tuition costs can be found here

Is there a daycare on campus?

•  YTC is child friendly, but unfortunately we cannot provide onsite daycare. The Library has a children’s area where there is a childrens' book collection and child-sized tables and chairs, but children cannot be left unattended. Please note: children must be supervised at all times.

•  For information about daycares and daycare funding, please contact Clauditta Beaverbone (780) 484-0303, ext. 251

Finding Quality Childcare

What does my Band Funding cover?:

•  Band funding usually covers tuition, books and supplies, and living allowances, for post-secondary (not upgrading) education. 

Do I qualify for a bursary or scholarship?

•  That depends on you. There are many different scholarships, bursaries, grants and awards with unique requirements. Many of these opportunities will be distributed to students via their student Gmail. For more information, please talk to your coordinator.

•  Yellowhead Tribal College also offers a limited number of bursaries and scholarships to students. Speak to your coordinator to find out details and to apply!

What’s the difference between a bursary and a scholarship?

A scholarship is a monetary award based on academic merit or excellence in a specific area of study or discipline (athletics, music, volunteerism, etc.). Scholarships do not have to paid back. A bursary is a monetary grant based primarily on financial need and do not have to paid back. Check here for more info:

Grants are available for eligible students with high financial need or special circumstances. Grants usually don’t have to be repaid unless you withdraw from studies or your eligibility changes.

Student Loans cover the basic costs of education: tuition, fees, books, supplies and basic living costs. Just like a bank loan they must be paid back once you have completed your studies.

While most YTC students will not be eligible for student loans, some will be. If you are taking Social Work or Early Childhood Development you should look into student loan funding.

Check here for more info:

Is there housing available for students?

•  YTC cannot offer student housing; however we can help you find housing by providing information and referring you to helpful agencies. Please contact Clauditta Beaverbone (780) 484-0303, ext. 251

Is there funding available for the UCEPP program or for upgrading?

•  Potential funding could be available through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS)

•  Funding may also be available through Freehorse or Oteenow

What if I am in the Adult Basic Education Program?

•  You may be eligible for a Grant, Please contact Clauditta Beaverbone (780) 484-0303, ext. 251

What other fees will I have to pay besides tuition?

•  All fees are listed in the Calendar. Additional fees may include ordering transcripts or deferred exams, which are subject to change and solely your responsibility. Canlearn is a great source of information.

I don’t live on the reserve, can I still get funding?

•  Yes, there are several funding options depending on your individual circumstances.

I’m from outside the province. Can I still attend YTC?

•  Definitely! Many of our students come from other provinces to study at YTC. 

I am not First Nation. Can I still attend YTC?

•  Absolutely! Our programming is grounded in First Nations culture and language, which is a useful, effective, and meaningful form of education for all people. YTC is open to students of all cultures and backgrounds.

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