Indigenous Environmental Stewardship and Reclamation (IESR)

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The Indigenous Environmental Stewardship and Reclamation programs (IESR) prepares students for the demanding and evolving field of environmental safeguarding, reclamation and restoration.  This program will provide students with a background in theory and practice, including laboratory work and field experiences. Learning from academic, Elders, industry and community experts, students will learn how environmental science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) are vital in balancing traditional values and the needs of industry and communities in the continued development of resources.

Graduates of the programs will possess the necessary skills to meet the growing demand for environmental practitioners in such fields as resource development and management, environmental protection, environmental assessment, water management, waste management, environmental research, and environmental education.  As Alberta’s resource-based economy continues to change, the need for environmental stewards will grow especially within First Nations communities.

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